'Not the wind, but the sail
determines the direction'

Chinese proverb

GPIM mandates: individual & personal

Clear decision-making, professional risk management and customised reporting: this is our key to long-term investment success.


Our independence from banks ensures the highest possible convergence of interests between you as an investor and our company as an asset manager.

As an owner-managed company, we act as entrepreneurs and take personal responsibility for the mandates assigned to us and their long-term development.




Our corporate policy is based on clear structures and scientific approach that are not influenced by trends and fads.

The two founding partners still manage the company today and therefore stand for continuity and stability.


Our knowledge and ability to filter critical information from financial markets are our most important asset. We strictly adhere to the principle of maximum transparency in order to allow our customers a full understanding of investment decisions.

An essential element is our regular publications with the most up-to-date information – written by our fund managers.

GPIM Funds

Invest flexibly - generate absolute returns. This is the philosophy of GPIM funds:

Absolute Return

Absolute returns – uncorrelated with the performance of the bond markets.

Bond Absolute Return

The Bond Absolute Return Fund offers access to various uncorrelated strategies in the fixed income markets of developed economies. The fund utilises up to seven alpha sources for this: duration, yield curve positions, cross-market trades, money market positions, changes in spreads, and option strategies.
Similarly, the fund may take advantage of the income potential of inflation-indexed bonds. The target return is 3-5% p.a.

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Opportunities Funds

Exploit opportunities in global bond markets

Bond Opportunities Funds

The Bond Opportunities Fund makes versatile use of the performance potential of the global bond markets. Its focus is on Europe, depending on the earnings prospects, positions in global bond markets are added.
The fund employs an opportunistic approach; the main sources of performance are country and sector allocation, duration management, and bond selection. The fund pursues an absolute return target of 5-7% p.a.

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GPIM Customers

GPIM appeals to both institutional investors and family offices.

Our customers include well-known German and European family offices and institutional investors, in particular foundations, pension institutions and businesses. We manage the mandates and funds entrusted to us with great care and strategic foresight. Our yardstick is the achievement of your individual goals and long-term satisfaction with the investment by providing personal consultation. We implement our strategies in both mutual funds and special funds (AIF), as well as in the form of managed accounts.

Our range of services includes both absolute return as well as benchmark-oriented strategies. You have the choice between investment in a fund or the award of an individual mandate. In the case of individual mandates, we undertake the complete structuring, implementation and management of the mandate.

GPIM Track Record

Since 2001, GPIM has reliably generated added value for its customers in both positive and challenging capital market cycles


In an investor seminar titled ‘Asset prices and liquidity’ GPIM points out potential instabilities in financial markets due to explosive growth of structured products (especially CDOs).


During the financial market crisis of 2008, GPIM ensures real capital preservation in all customer portfolios, including those with equity exposure.




In an investor seminar titled "Recognising the euro crisis as an investment opportunity" GPIM identifies a turning point in the euro crisis and shows high performance potentials in European assets and particularly in peripheral bonds


GPIM emphasise the high susceptibility of capital markets in emerging markets due to high capital inflows, structural weaknesses, and a potential shift in US monetary policy.

GPIM Awards

GPIM sees the high quality of its asset management confirmed by the following independent awards:

In January 2013, Telos certified the Bond Absolute Return Fund with their AA+ rating for very high quality standards.

Dr Eckhard Schulte received a Sauren Gold Medal in the years 2010 bis 2014 in the category Absolute Return (bond-oriented).

In 2010, the Bond Absolute Return Fund received 5 stars in the category “Alternative Long/Short Debt” from Morningstar.